Bulldogs News · Esports team starts inaugural competition

The inaugural season of the Esports competition for Queen Creek High School has officially begun and the Bulldogs are finding success early on.

The AIA Esports competition had a fall season and are now starting a spring season. Each team is split up into multiple groups of a different number of students and those teams will compete in head-to-head competition in two video games–League of Legends and Rocket League.

League of Legends plays in teams of five students and Queen Creek has two teams.  Each will have their own series of scores and wins and losses throughout the season.  The same idea goes for Rocket League, which play in two teams of three. The members of each team can personalize their team with a team name and some will be adding those in as the season progress.

Week 1 Results:

League of Legends:
Team 1:  Justsomefriendos played against Holbrook HS and beat them 2-0 and are currently tied for 6th in the state.

Team 2:  QCBulldogs was to play against Parker HS but PHS forfeited both matches giving us the 2-0 victory.

“I will be working on some stat lines for League of Legends as the season progresses,” said Matthew Chicci. “Key takeaways from this match with Justsomefriendos was that both wins were in less than 30 minutes and not a single player’s character died, which is a feat.”

Rocket League Results:
Team 1:  Marinara Sauce was to play against Desert Ridge HS but DRHS forfeited all three matches giving us the 3-0 victory

Team 2:  Bulldogs 2 played against Basha HS and won 3-0 with scores of 12-0, 12-2 and 12-0.  Evienne Shipley had 10 goals and four assists, Justin Duke scored 10 goals and had two assists and Carter Peterson had 16 goals and seven assists.

The state standings for Rocket League are up in the air due to some technical issues, but should be ready by the weekend.

Next weeks games are:
League of Legends:  (Tuesday, February 25th at 4pm)
Justsomefriendos vs. Palo Verde High Magnet School

QCBulldogs vs. Skyline HS Coyotes

Rocket League (Thursday, February 27th at 4pm)
Marinara Sauce vs. Greenway HS Meme Team
Bulldogs 2 vs. Willow Canyon HS Wildcat Rocketeers